EVELINE COSMETICS, founded in 1983, is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics in Poland, offering a wide range of products for make-up, face and body care. Their products are present in over 60 countries around the world, thanks to many years of experience and a policy of high-quality products at affordable prices. Focused on innovation, quality and market trends, they develop products that meet consumer needs and explore the secrets of natural beauty. They are open to customer suggestions and market trends in order to constantly improve the quality and design of their products.

LA RIVE S.A. COMPANY is a leading perfume and toilet water manufacturer in Europe, renowned for unique fragrance compositions. Their quality is evident by loyal customers in Poland and over 50 countries. Collaborating with international partners, they prioritize high-quality components and technologies. Established in 2003, they continuously expand their product range and distribution network. By partnering with renowned French companies, they produce scents using traditional methods. Their distinctive product design reflects originality. Winning prestigious awards like FORBES DIAMOND underscores their commitment to quality.

BEL London brand is created out of love for beauty. The company originates from London, a city known for its vibrant community and recognized as a hub of fashion and creativity worldwide. Inspired by this city, BEL London aims to empower every woman to express her creativity and individuality. Their products set new standards in the beauty industry, using 75% natural ingredients such as jojoba, argan, and aloe vera oils, as well as camellia oil, while avoiding harmful substances like paraffin, parabens, and fragrances. BEL London believes in authenticity and offers unique, innovative, high-quality cosmetic products.

TOP CHOICE is the leading manufacturer of cosmetic accessories in Poland since 1995. Their extensive range includes over 1500 products across 8 different categories. They prioritize high quality and continuous expansion to meet customer demands. Building successful relationships with international partners, they’ve become a stable and innovative brand in the industry. TOP CHOICE represents a blend of elegance and quality, striving to be a desirable partner and cultivate a loyal network of collaborators.

The MARION Cosmetics brand was established in 1991, focusing on hair care products and offering reliable skincare and body care items. They are particularly renowned for their color shampoos, curl styling products, and hair treatments based on argan oil. Founded in Poland, the company marked a significant milestone in 2014 with the opening of a modern factory to meet consumer demands. Holding an ISO certificate, they adhere to EU production standards. MARION has earned the trust of discerning customers by formulating products using cutting-edge technologies and addressing consumer needs. This approach has led to the recognition of MARION products in foreign markets. The excellent combination of quality and affordability has resulted in steady sales growth across 34 countries worldwide. MARION holds a prominent position in Europe for its quality and award-winning products, establishing itself as a reliable producer of high-quality cosmetics. Additionally, MARION is a member of the Family Company Foundation.

The brand Colabo has created a collection of perfumes with fantastic, recognizable, and alluring scent notes. The name Colabo comes from the word “collaborate,” meaning joint work and exploration for a better everyday life in the context of beauty. Their slogan is: “WE CREATE TOGETHER WITH NATURE.” All Colabo products consist of up to 90% natural ingredients. Their priority is nature, caring for the lives of others, and their products are suitable for vegans without the use of animal-derived ingredients. Colabo packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials.
Colabo compositions are created in collaboration with renowned French perfume manufacturers. They draw inspiration from NATURE AROMAS, which are the main source of ideas for perfumes.
Behind each Colabo perfume lies a list of natural ingredients contained in the composition that best represent the given scent. Each collection contains a specific scent, so they are grouped in the simplest way possible: CITRUS, GREEN, FLORAL, ORIENTAL, WOODY.

Feel Free – the brand name itself embodies their philosophy of freedom. Their products are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Produced in Spain, their packaging is specially designed from recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. This product line is designed for skin seeking to regain elasticity and firmness, using entirely natural plant extracts and oils. Key ingredients include coffee extract for soothing and antioxidant effects, pomegranate oil for tissue regeneration and skin barrier protection, and argan oil rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids for deep hydration.

BEN&ANNA, based in Kassel, Germany, offers unique alternatives such as aromatic granules for shower gel, scented granules for hand soap, and solid shampoo resembling soap. Their wide range of products is entirely natural, vegan, and free from microplastics. With a deep respect for nature, BEN&ANNA products are made only with selected organic ingredients, without parabens and harmful phthalates. Their packaging is specially designed to minimize environmental impact, containing minimal non-harmful plastic. BEN&ANNA’s product line includes body and hair care items such as deodorants, toothpaste (both classic and in tablets and jars), shampoos, shower gels, and hand creams.

BEAUTY MADE EASY, a Danish brand founded in 2014 by Terje Munk and his daughter Katrin, partially owned in Germany, exports its products to over 20 countries. Their motto is: “We do small things, but we have big ideas!” – Terje Munk. Beauty Made Easy products are made 100% without the use of plastic. Their cosmetic line – Beauty Made Easy Le Papier – is their first major step. As the name suggests, everything is made of paper, including the packaging. Beauty Made Easy cares about their consumers and their needs. Their products are made from completely natural ingredients, biodegradable, and vegan.

Puhoi Honey Ltd is a family-owned business spanning three generations, led by Aleks Alipiev, a third-generation beekeeper with a heritage dating back to 1910 in Bulgaria. Located in Puhoi Valley, North Auckland, their 1700 beehives produce high-quality honey, beeswax, and propolis. They emphasize the importance of bee populations in maintaining a healthy environment and employ intensive beekeeping methods developed over three decades to ensure strong and healthy beehives. Puhoi Honey is committed to providing the finest natural honey from New Zealand for customers to enjoy.

BIO-CARE produces toothbrushes infused with noble metals like gold and silver, valuable jade minerals, and bamboo charcoal. These toothbrushes combine high-quality materials and advanced technology for impeccable oral hygiene. They feature ultra-thin and tapered bristles that reach difficult-to-access areas between teeth, with two lengths of bristles ensuring thorough cleaning of teeth and gums. The precise, thin upper part allows for interdental cleaning, while the rounded lower part cleans tooth enamel without damage. BIO-CARE cares for your teeth to keep them strong and healthy, nurturing them properly.

Corsair Toiletries Ltd is a well-established UK family business with many years of experience. We collaborate closely with major global licensors like Universal, Viacom, Endemol, and Moonbug, among others. Our partnerships extend across various sectors, including Grocery, High Street, and the Discounter sector, where we supply a diverse range of products from our licensed and lifestyle collections. Additionally, we’ve crafted exclusive brands for top retailers such as Superdrug, B&M, and Tesco.

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